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Median: Slayer's Betrayal Empty Median: Slayer's Betrayal

Post  AzzarianThunda on Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:49 am

It had been 2 years since she had lost her brother. At first, she blamed the Duke of Nareen, but now... Now she blamed the organization that sent kid soldiers to kill experienced assassins. She had been 17, and her brother 15. Since then, she had vowed to put a stop to that system. She had mentioned it to them once, and they said it was folly. "A true Slayer will overcome any adversity, and grow stronger." It had made her stronger, yes, but also resentful.
She knew the only way to make any change in the republic was through force. This would make her a target of her fellow Slayers, like the old Duke. And now she was having trouble deciding that if it came to it, would she stop the assassination, or let it end. She had been told to go on living, but she felt like she had nothing to live for. The only reason she was still here was because she didn't want anyone to share her pain.
Well, she thought, at least being a Duchess kept her busy. She was trying to stop the Slave Trade in Nareen, but was having trouble getting through the crime ring. It didn't help that the republic supported slavery, either. She wanted to get rid of slavery because, as a child, she and her brother were almost made slaves. She killed for the first time that day, when she was 8, and a Slayer happened to oversee it and recruit them. If only others were so lucky. Thieves were commonplace as well, as well as murder. Murder she accepted more, because that was her way of life, how she was raised. And that was how she was fighting thievery and slavery. But it was futile, really.
Then one day she got an anonymous letter. "Desist your actions against the republic."
"Excuse me," She asked one of her maids, "Who delivered this letter?"
"It was someone from the capital. He said he would be back tomorrow, waiting for a reply. Why do you ask milady?" She then scribbled a single word onto the back of the letter.
"Give him this when he comes round." The maid then took the letter and bowed out.
When she knew she was alone, she sighed. "So that's it then. I'd better get to work."
The next day, the maid came rushing into her office. "Ma'am, what did you say? He was right furious!"
"It doesn't concern you."
"Forgive me milady. You're right." She dismissed the maid, and began to prepare for the backlash such actions would cause. If she was lucky, it would only cause a skirmish or two, but this might mean a war. Now she was glad she hadn't discharged the knights that had sided with the Duke, because she was going to need them. She began to organize them, and they were all too happy to oblige.
The next few nights, she was expecting a Slayer to show up, and took proper precautions. And she still considered joining her brother in death, thinking of how easy it would be to just let a Slayer kill her. Her mother had told her to keep living though, and for now, she would listen to her dreams.
A few days later, when she was heading to her room for the night, she heard someone move. It was very faint, but she kept no pets, and she was the only one allowed up here. Then a glint of steel, a thrown dagger, charging at her. She caught it in between her fingers, just barely cutting the skin between them.
"Good throw. But that won't work on a Slayer. Come out of the shadows" A young man stepped forth. She thought he was handsome, but he was trying to kill her, and she knew it, and put that thought to rest. The man drew his sword. She reached for hers, then let it go. Then she thought 'What's the point? They'll just send more and more after me until I die. Why not now?' The man looked at her suspiciously.
"What are you doing? I'm going to kill you."
"I know."
"Do you want to die?"
"Maybe... I still am not quite sure, but... It's all so pointless. If I win, they send another after me. If you win, you'll become the Duke of Nareen, inadvertently piss the Republic off, and get killed the same. And still, I have not found a way to change this. This terrible system of death."
"So that's what you wanted... Let me tell you this. If you die, you won't be able to change anything. All your pain and suffering will be meaningless once you do."
"So you are telling me to fight you?"
"No. I want to see what you can do. Right now, you are in such a sorry state, I could kill you any time I please, so I'm not worried about failure. I'll leave you be for now. I'll stay nearby for a few days. If you still want to die by then, come find me. If you wish to live, then we shall fight." He sheathed his sword, and walked out of the room.
She brooded over what had transpired for the few days he gave her. She had made her decision. When she entered her room again, he was waiting in her chair. "Have you made your decision?"
"I choose life." He nodded then drew his blade. She drew hers in response. They began to fight. The sound of steel grinding against steel as they parried each others blows rang throughout the room. She then saw an opportunity for a killing blow. She disarmed him instead.
"Showing mercy to your enemy?"
"Repaying a favor. If it had been any other, I would be dead. So now, you get to live as well."
"The price of failure is death. Where would you have me go, knowing that I will die?"
"You can stay in Nareen."
"And what do you suggest I do? I'm not farming for a living."
"Help me fight your new enemy. The republic wants you dead now, right? So that makes them your enemy now, correct?"
They began working together then, the two of them. Every time a Slayer was sent, they showed them mercy. Mercy was not part of the world of Slayers, and it had an interesting effect on them. Within a years time, they had a growing group of Slayers who would fight for their cause.
The duchess and the man had been working together for a long time, and had grown close. Eventually, she had to stop fighting, because she had become pregnant. The two of them resigned themselves to their cause, now only leading it from the shadows as they raised their baby daughter. They had granted each other life, and then made life together, and they were happy.
But happy endings are in short order in this Republic.

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I want more of this!!!! D: I liked this story.
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