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Median: Fall of Nareen Empty Median: Fall of Nareen

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It wasn't long before she realized that her daughter was a witch. She had no love of witches, or magic for that matter, but she wasn't going to let that stop her daughter from growing up like a normal person. She and her husband both agreed they would hide their daughter's magical abilities from the world for as long as possible.
The struggle continued without them, mostly. Every once in a while, one of them would go out on a mission for a friend, but only one, never leaving their daughter alone. Eventually, they decided to construct a secret room for their daughter, just for an odd occasion where they both needed to do something, and as a safety mechanism. Their daughter wasn't a Slayer, and couldn't even talk yet. They had no intention of training her to be a Slayer either.
Then the Republic disowned the duchy of Nareen. It was to be expected, but the pair found it regrettable. They made no counter move yet, instead waiting. They were hoping that it would not lead to a siege, that the Republic would be too afraid to make a move, but they prepared for war anyway.

"People of Nareen, the Republic speaks to you. Continuing to side with the Duke and the Duchess is treason, and is punishable by death. Surrender now, and you will be spared. If not, remember that the Republic shows no mercy to its enemies." It was the people's last warning to save themselves, but most stayed, hoping against hope that the Duchy could win. Today was their daughter's fourth birthday.
"Sweetie, whatever happens, don't come out of your room, ok? Stay in there until mommy and daddy come back for you." Her daughter nodded, tears in her eyes, as they hugged each other goodbye. "I love you so much. Be strong honey."
"They've breached the walls!"
"Tch. Already? Hold them off in the courtyard for now! I'll get our fires ready."
"There are too many for that. They won't last long enough. Also, the village has been burned entirely to the ground."
"No... Do we know what happened to the civilians?"
"They've either become slaves or are dead. I didn't see a single one escape."
"So we're finished."
"I don't think even we could escape this one."
"'Your death won't change anything'... Did our life?"
"I'm sorry, I don't know." Then the soldiers of the Republic stormed the room.
"There's the Duke! And the Duchess!"
"Kill them and we're heroes!"
They Duke and Duchess drew their swords. "I love you."
"I love you too" They gave each other a short kiss, their last, then charged at their enemy. They couldn't get enough soldiers into the room at once with just one doorway, so after almost an hour of nonstop battle, the Republic took down the wall by the door. After the new flood of soldiers, and their waning strength, they fell. First the Duke, then shortly after, the Duchess. The soldiers cheered, as their daughter listened, horrified. All around were screams of terror and death as women were raped and men humiliated. She listened to it all, scared, waiting for her mommy and daddy to come back for her. It took a day to register that they couldn't come get her, because they were dead. She waited another day, waiting for the screams to stop, waiting for the soldiers to move on. At last, she knew she must leave or perish. So she left.
The stone walls and floors were covered in blood. The bodies had been moved, burned on funeral pyres, the stench of rotting flesh still clinging to the air. The walls had mostly fallen, the ground was charred, the village gone. She was alone. Truly alone. And she was lost, crying. What could she do? How would she survive? She was bright for her age, because those questions wracked her mind. But she decided, then and there, that she would honor her parents sacrifice for her, and live her life as best she could, never giving up.
And she did. For twelve years, all alone.

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