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Post  AzzarianThunda on Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:47 pm

"What a strange dream."
"What was it sis?"
"I'll tell you later. We need to move."
"Right. Let's hurry."

"You have a new mission. You and your brother will infiltrate the enemies stronghold, and assassinate the Duke of Nareen."
"By my sword, it shall be done."
"Good. Remember that the Duke was also a Slayer once, and he's going to move out soon."
"By my sword, it shall be done."

"Are you ok, sis?"
"I'm fine. Why do you ask?"
"I'm not having trouble keeping up today. You're moving slower than normal."
"I'm saving my strength. The Duke will be a hard target."
"...I wonder..."

"So what's our next mission, sis?"
"Kill the Duke of Nareen. We are to move out at once."
"I'm ready when you are."
"Ok. Try and keep up."

"Ok, now I know something isn't right."
"What do you mean?"
"You just tripped. You never trip."
"I'm worried, brother. Do you know why the Duke is a duke?"
"Because he was a renowned Slayer?"
"Yes. What chance could we possible have?"
"It's not like we can just drop the mission."
"I know... But I don't think we both will make it out alive."

"This isn't real. I just fell asleep! This isn't real!"
"What is the difference, my child? Awake, asleep... They both define us as people."
"You're dead!"
"I know. And soon, you will be too."

"Sis? you're spacing out again."
"Be quiet, or he'll hear us."
"Too late for that, amateurs."
"Brother, look out!"
"U-ugh... sorry... sis..."
"Hm? Urg- damn..."

"I believe congratulations are in order."
"Get some rest, you've earned it."
"By the way, how would you like to become a duchess?"

"You're back inside your dream world, huh?"
"You lied."
"This represents your mind, your inside. You're dead in here, now."
"...W-what do I do now? E-everyone I love... is dead..."
"You keep living."

"What a promising young man. You're next target is the Duchess of Nareen."
"By my sword, it shall be done."
"Remember that she was also a Slayer once. Make sure you keep hidden."
"By my sword, it shall be done."

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