Every rose has it's thorns part 3

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Every rose has it's thorns part 3  Empty Every rose has it's thorns part 3

Post  Leviathan_collective on Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:17 pm

Bloodstained smiles

whatever the reason for their hate I'll just hate them more

He just stood there shaking holding his head with both his hands. " I won't ask again where the fuck is my lily ? " asked Rose in a demanding tone. " I... i... i. Don't really know I'm
Just a grunt I don't anything " said the gard. " I see completely useless then but your sword is beautiful " said Rose in her usual icy tone.

" oh gods please don't kill me " begged the gard " hu'mere you were dead the day you were born it makes very little difference if I kill you or not " said Rose pulling his sword out of its scabbard. " my my almost as beautiful as death " said Rose running her cold finger across the blade. " Furr'ak vew all I'll never forgive you dirtbags" screamed Rose plunging the blade into the gards chest over & over again.


An old man sitting at a desk with two officers dressed in black coats stood beside him " so she's gotten free huh ? " asked the old man. " not exactly free yet just of her shackles " said a woman that looked like Rose except having silver hair. " well its no major concern since we knew this would happen sooner or later that's why your stationed here right Hope ? " asked the old man. " so... destroy the target general kalin " asked hope "negative I want her recaptured she's more valuable to our empire alive than dead " said kalin. " as you wish master " said hope turning to the office door to begin her hunt.

Back with Rose Lune

Rose was panting with sword in hand the hall & Rose painted red with blood. I think I'll keep this sword thought rose taking the gards scabbard & belt. He was still alive but barely chinging on to his last few gasps of air. " you know perhaps in the next life you'll learn not to fuck with a cornered snake huh " said Rose as she kneeled on his chest. "any last words shit head " said Rose as the life drained from the gards eyes.

" will i be remembered when i'm dust ? " ~ Rose Lune

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