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or do they hate us because they fear us ?

It was my only guide through this labyrinth of walls and halls my love was my guide and my hate is my weapon. Just how adept i was in using this ice magic was anyone's guess as i continued walking through. The these halls foul smells started coming from every direction but damn killing that human felt good thought rose. Up ahead was ah heavy steel door much like the one rose was sealed in it didn't have Lilly's sent though. But rose was struck by curiosity so she opened the door inside was bloodstained shackles much like the ones that had bounded her not to long ago.

Rose dropped to her knees in shock and horror what would possess humans to do such things to us if i recall properly they dubbed us evil for our appearances our snakelike eyes and pale white skin thought rose. Feeling the fires of rage consume her she picked herself of the ground she noticed she wasn't alone.

Two male gards on patrol were behind her they were dressed in ebon black armour " hey what are you doing outside your cage bitch ? " said one of the gards. " what pretty colour..... i want it give it " said rose stroking one of the gards armours " what the hell... boss was right these creatures really are abominations " said the other gard. Rose turned her head towards giving him a glare of disgust " and your dead " giggled rose as an ice spear sprouted from the ground.

Impaling him though his leg splattering blood everywhere " you know what pittiful piece of shit that's very quickly becoming my favorite colour " yelled rose. As she walked over to the gard she then poked his eyes out and lifted his head right off his shoulders. Blood flew everywhere like a fountain getting all over rose " impure... impure... " mumbled the gard shivering with his hands on his head. " relax I'm not going to kill you that fast I need answers and you're going to gimme them ow where's lily ? " asked rose.[center]

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