Legends guide, how to get dem titles

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Legends guide, how to get dem titles Empty Legends guide, how to get dem titles

Post  Neutral Contrast on Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:30 pm

Here's where we'll list any titles we find and how exactly to get them. If anyone finds any not on the list, be sure to take note of what it says when you get the title so we can list it down as well.

Kruger Slayer/Destroyer~ Kill the final boss of Imp Infested Mine 2/4 times (I *think*, that or it could just be to kill the kruger on varying difficulties of the stage) [STR up 3/9]

Skeleton King Slayer~ Defeat the Skeleton king 5 times or so [INT up 6]

Conch Breaker~ Defeat 200 (?) crabs on the Seashore Village stage [INT up 12]

Bonebreaker~ Not sure, involves killing skeletons in the Temple of the Dead [STR and WIS up 9]

Ribcruncher/Skullcracker/Rattlebones~ Kill 200/500/??? Skeletons [HP regen 1/2/3]

Ghoul Hunter~ Kill 200 ghouls [Max HP up 100]

Howling Wolf~ Kill 200 wolves [Cst speed up 2%]

Feared Goblin Hunter~ Kill 500 (?) goblins [STR up 15]

Kyaaa~ Land a 7 aerial hit combo on master difficulty anywhere

Goblin Bow Collector~ Kill 100 goblin archers [STR up 9]

Gnoll Battler~ Kill 500 gnolls (?) [Health up 12]

Waterford Savior~ Defeat the final boss of Waterford [damage increase in Tampera up 15%, damage to beasts up 3%]

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Legends guide, how to get dem titles Empty Re: Legends guide, how to get dem titles

Post  MrFlaps on Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:49 pm

Hoodilum Terror~Kill 200 Hoodilums (9 STR)

Finger Lickin' Good~Something to do with food maybe

Note Taker~Find the hidden passage in Imp forest

Anyone There?~Find the hidden passage in the 2nd level(Goblin infested mine?)

Under the Sea~Defeat the Mermaid on Master difficulty

Army of One~Defeat a certain amount of Levels on Master(maybe any) difficulty on solo

Not Immortal~Defeat the Skeleton king on Master difficulty or Defeat him a certain amount of times on Master


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