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Ruin's prelude Empty Ruin's prelude

Post  Lunar Star on Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:17 am

Ruin had so much to live up to, his parents were the great slayers of the demons during the wars... He was only but a little kid, he never knew his parents would be lost to the war the Angels and Demons had. He wasn't ever the same after learning of the death of his parents. His brother and sister, took care of him. They only had each other after all. They taught Ruin everything he knew..... A true warrior with a kind heart. Lately though, his dreams have been haunted by the visions of this demonic monster. Closer and closer it came to him... Soon Ruin's world will spiral into utter chaos and he will be forced to make sacrifices, that will destory his very being. Rui decided today it was best to go and see Yelen. The two knew each other since they were little. Kinda funny how childhood friends end up falling for one another. Ruin was finally going to strick the courage to ask her to be his one and only. She know this was comong to and was so nervous, because she always had a crush on him since he stood up for her honour in the 5th grade. With flowers in hand, Ruin slowly walke dup to the giant oak tree where Yenley was waiting. He gently placed the flowers on the ground, leaning against the tree. Ruin took his eyes and covered her eyes, digusing his voice.

Ruin: Guess who!?

Yenley: Huh? *giggling*

Ruin: Aha guess!

Yenley: Ruin sto it... I knew it was you.

Ruin: Rght, right. Ahaha yeah, I need to ask you something Yenley...

Yenley: What is that I wonder?

Ruin: I... I have had feelings for you for some time.... I'm sorry I didn't say anything soo-

Yenley: It is ok, I would wait forever for you if I had to....

Ruin: I know but, you shouldn't have to. What I'm trying to say is, will you be mine?

Yenley: Yes yes yes! That is all I ever wanted.

Ruin picked up the flowers and handed them to Yenley. She sniffed the flowers, they were cherry blossoms her favorite. Yenley was actually quite surprised that Ruin remebered that these flowers are her favorite. She then embraced him, kissing him nonstop. Ruin just laughed and held her close. The giant bell, on the top of the clock tower began to ring.

Yenley: I wish i could stay longer... But, my family really doesn't like it when I am late for dinner.

Ruin: It is ok, I understand. Tell them the good news will ya? I'm sure you're lil bro and sis will be happy to hear about us.

Yenley: I'll be sure!

Ruin: Call me later?

Yenley: Of course.

Yenley ran off, her brown hair shimmerning with the sunset. The true meaning of beauty Ruin thought to himself. He smiled and walked off. Late the night he stayedup just thinking about how he hardly knew his parents wished he could of spent more time with them. He actually doesn't remember to much about who they are. He just knows their faces, and that is just from pictures. Anyways back to the story, Ruin had called Yenley earlier that night. She fell asleep on him, after about ann hour of talking. Probably, all the excitment got her and took that enegy away. Ruin then fell alseep....

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