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Terra tree. Empty Terra tree.

Post  Lazy Wanderer on Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:50 pm

Before I go about typing up the many stories that Ive made it may be a bit complicated for anyone other than me to completely grasp, being that I already had the stories mapped out in my head before attempting to type or act them out. So, in my attempt to help others grasp the stories a little better I decided to type out a sort of family tree with a bit of info here & there so that a basic concept is slightly more possible.

First the origin of the root of this family tree, Terra. Terra was born when the collective consciousness of souls of hatred & the powerful curiosity of a child found its way to a very powerful magician named Anesha, who accidentally infected the flow of incarnation in the process, which lead her to take the remaining bits of the entity into her body, leading to the birth of Terra five months later.

1. Terra(first being with the special bloodline in the story, & the ancestor of all who shared his blood later) At some unspecified point Terra disappeared, leaving both the fate of he & his mother unknown.

After this point, the infected stream of incarnation began a vicious cycle of death for the descendants of Terra, the very planet attacking them. A process which left the unfortunate descendants with very painful, & very brief lives, with most hardly surviving birth(the process with which the bloodline was carried is through infection of a fetus via the soul channel), and IF they survive the process go through painful existences which most succumb to at the age of 6 or so(it should be noted that fragments of memories get carried on from one incarnation to the next).
??. Anesha? (After an unspecified amount of time & descendants dying, a young magician named Anesha becomes infected without being pregnant prior similarly to Terra. After recieving visions for Seven months She gave birth to a girl of immense potential whom she named Lilith. It should be noted that Anesha has a relation to Terra, but not due to the soul infection process.)
2(after Anesha?). Lilith(At the age of 5 she exhibited the ability to drain the life of others to sustain her own on instinct, should hers ever become threatened. Her mother saved her & left her with research, & then disappeared much like Terra did, leaving her daughter to seek her out until her death at the age of 13, right before her 14th birthday. It should be noted here that Liliths death was apparently her intention from the beginning, in her attempt to stop the process of incarnation from murdering her descendants.)

3&4 Lilith(nicknamed Lili to prevent confusion) & Makoto.(Twins born from the sacrifice of Lilith to prevent the painful deaths of her unique blood(or soul rather)line. Lilith is the elder twin, but due to being trapped in a time sphere Makoto is 10 years older(revealed later to be false, as her sister escaped much earlier, leaving her 4 years older, & with the ability to make a doppleganger at will) and leaving Lili with guilt over the incident. It should be noted here that a woman named Anesha raised the two girls up until the incident with the spheres, & is affectionately referred to as Grandmother by both girls.)

Ok thats about it for the brief description for the family tree of Terra. I know it probably seems pretty confusing so ask your questions & as long as it doesnt directly impact future entries of the story in a spoiler type fashion Id be happy to answer them.

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Terra tree. Empty Re: Terra tree.

Post  Neutral Contrast on Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:04 pm

I'm interested and can't wait to see this story put into action! Sorry about not creating a dedicated forum for you though, I hadn't been on here in a while and I'm still waiting to get a my own pc to make focusing on this site much less of a chore :s
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