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Completely unrelated poetry/songs Empty Completely unrelated poetry/songs

Post  Neutral Contrast on Mon May 14, 2012 12:29 pm

As I go along and get bored (especially after picking up the guitar a bit) I find myself thinking of random rhythms and melodies which I'm incapable of granting any type of sheetwork due to my complete and utter lack of understanding as far as reading and writing music is concerned. As such, I still write the lyrics that pop into my head, following no specific genre in particular, and what better place to put them, right?

First off is a bit of poetry in which the moral is something of an off-kilter pessimistic view on our own existentialism through the eyes of those whom we love and return that love in kind.

A Release from Burden is but Complacency in Nonexistence

Death from above, with salvation below
Shall roles switch as buried I am, mind and soul
Call your gods and your devils, saints and your sinners
For logic is all, and knowledge reprise.

Only with
Only with time
Can we prove our providence
Can we smile on the divine.
We look forward to a future paved in gold
But our streets are lined with blood
Innocent, of the child
It is the present we must hold.

Without a past, hence experience
Consequence is justified
Peace will only result when one side falls.
But with the other standing, is it peace at all?

Shove through the indifferent
Those apathetic over war and suffering.
What is left, but the ambitions of our leaders.
They care not for bloodshed, yet vindicate the fall.

So, only with
Shallow heart and mind
Can we gain in our standings
And lead all mankind.
The wolves claim their victims in single file
Rationalizing, the sheep carry on
Whilst their brothers die all the while.

Separation is the key to despair, our angst is born
Yet it seems the driving force for everything.
Everything, and everyone
So can there be “only” one?

The heart may say no, but our temples otherwise
In subconscious thought, one dark corner
“Is it alright to kill, to die?”
In but a moment, curiosity strikes.

Her blade unsheathed as crimson painted the trees

The light of the sun told a different tale

The lover, chest relieved of the sigh held so long,

And her beau at the hilt, fist deep towards a dying heart.
And it is with this, we know...

That only with
Silence and mimicry
We love and laugh together
Yet there's no room for three.
Born, men are raised simply to die
As their homes remain empty
What justifies death?
But, what justifies life?

Your bloodlust knows no bounds, quivering
The young woman's hands soaked in soil and rain.
T'was an afternoon of attrition
While the child swung his knife.

Yet it was the murderer, death craven
Only through the eyes of a lover
The young man could die in peace
And let the flames of hell rest within.

Only with
Only with time
Can our children grow strong
And their wills align.
Let your depraved soul lie down here
These meadows bathed in flame
Innocent, lonely child.

Only with
Only with life
Will you ever know death
And the relief from strife.
Whether god or devil, both are crude
A leader is but an icon, in your choice
You choose solace
And in silence, in solitude.
Neutral Contrast
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Completely unrelated poetry/songs Empty Re: Completely unrelated poetry/songs

Post  Neutral Contrast on Mon May 14, 2012 12:34 pm

Second we have another piece dedicated to existentialism, but it's a more upbeat piece (originally meant to be played acoustically) and it focuses on the lasting effects of our experiences on our individual characters. As a relatively short piece, I was strumming a c7 chord for several minutes for... whatever reason, and the concepts just popped into my head. At the least it has some sort of rhythm entwined in the lyrical connotation.

The Flames of Passion Born Within the Heart Leave Scars, but Never Die.

Only in the backdrop of this broken tattered world
Do we find the things that matter, find the things that are unfurled
In all their beauty we find pride, the light that proves that we're alive
And the depths of our passion grow ever so deeply.

Mem'ries once timeless fall short, as we carry on in age
Yet remaining in our hearts the joys, as well as all the pain.
The experiences of these heights, just faded out in their disguises
But we know it's them, character in all its meaning.

(ch) Bias and resent, just shed yourself of them
The skin's only so deep, with love at the hem
Faulty lies and broken ties, just ignore the pain
We finally know what matters as we see the end.

Deeds are entwined, but don't dwell upon the past
Remember all your lines, just move on in the act
Your stage is just as bright, and as dark as before
Now let your freedom guide 'til you see the end.

(guitar riff)

Leagues below the sea, all the way to lightyears into space
It seems we focus solely on our power as the human race
But remember the scheme of things, it'll always be alright
Just look at your life through someone else's eyes

Failures, you'll see, bring more to the plate than success
Review and complacency will lead you to correct, assess
And with newfound knowledge arrive at the next frontier
Advance with your freedom, don't regress.

ch. x 1

(lyric-less melody/guitar accompaniment)

ch. x 1

Timing aggregate, now gather all your friends
It's time to interpret, importance in past tense
Look not upon the bad, yet remain realistic
Your goals are not for now, and hence

Raise all of your hands, point towards the sky
The stars are our new goals, expectations high
Falter no longer, but take your time
Enjoy the life you have as you reach the heights.

(lyric-less fade with guitar accompaniment)
Neutral Contrast
Neutral Contrast

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