Fate is on my side Continued (Lunar)

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Fate is on my side Continued (Lunar)  Empty Fate is on my side Continued (Lunar)

Post  Lunar Star on Tue Mar 27, 2012 5:34 am

Tenshi: So, what is your name?
Me: I’m Lunar. A pleasure to meet you…. Sorry I couldn’t give you a more formal introduction.
Tenshi: Please don’t be so formal, I get enough of that as it is…
Me: What do you mean?
Tenshi: You’ll see.
She lead me down a winding a path past a great lake that lead to a giant gate. Tenshi then called forth the guards who were in the watch tower.

Guard A: Miss Amaran, what were you doing out by your lone some?
Tenshi: I wasn’t alone, I had Lunar.
Guard B: You took the company of some common nobody?
Guard A: Miss Amaran, you need to be more careful.
Me: A common nobody? How dare yo-
Tenshi: Calm down Lunar. Listen you two, I won’t allow you to belittle my friend and I. As daughter of the headsman, I order you to open this gate!
Guard A: Yes Ma’am
Guard B: Yes Ma’am
Tenshi: Perfect, I’m glad we understand each other.
They went to their posts and made the giant wooden gate rise. It revealed a simple, big village. Houses situated, all over. A giant fountain was in the center of the town. Statues of what I believe were goddess were all around it.

Me: Nice little village you got here.
Tenshi: *Giggling* thanks.
Me: Soo, you are the headsman daughter? What is that about?
Tenshi: Long story Lunar. I’m sure you are tired though. Let me show you to your room.
Me: I couldn’t, I’ll just go to the Inn.
Tenshi: No, I insist.
Me: Fine.
We started walking towards the back of the village. Past all the trees, I saw the biggest house here. It had to be about ten stories.

Me:… You live here?!
Tenshi: Yep pretty awesome huh?
Me: Hell yeah!
Tenshi: Hey, just for tonight I need you to lie low. My brother doesn’t like it when I talk to strangers. My father should be back tomorrow afternoon as well. I think it would be best for you to meet him. Just know that he can real pain, so please bit your tongue.
Me: No problem. Just show me to my room.
Tenshi: Right this way sir.
Me: I’ll let that slide….
Tenshi: just giggled and walked off.
It felt so weird to be in a different bed, after everything that happened. I had to live through the same burning down of a home, and not being able to save anyone scenario. It was so stupid. Why am I so weak… I should have tried harder. I woke up in a cold sweat, after having a dream, which replayed everything over and over again. I felt as if the flames could have burned me. I figured it would be best to go for a walk…
*knock* *knock*
Me: Uh… yeah?
Tenshi: Hey open up, I have something for you.
I slowly rise out of the bed. Feeling sluggish, it was a little hard to walk. I had to lean against the door, when I opened it.
Tenshi: You ok?
Me: Yeah, just still tired from yesterday.
Tenshi: Aww, I can understand that, just waking up I a place not your own.
“I wanted to tell her about how I came from a different part of the world, but I didn’t really feel she would understand…”
Tenshi: Here, I got some new clothes for you. Their brothers but they should fit. I mean come on, you can’t walk around those rags. They are practically torn.
Me: Gee, thanks..
Tenshi: You know what I meant silly. Now, go wash up. I’ll be waiting and then we will go out for a walk.
Me: *sigh* whatever you say. Hey, where is he bathroom?
Tenshi: *giggle* the second door on the right.
ME: Aw, thanks.
I went to the far right of the room past a statue, of lady that looked just like Tenshi. It was so lifelike. It really brought the pinkish red eyes of her. Also the statues bronze depicted her slender face and skin so spot on. I was convinced it was the real thing. Even though it was just her head. The door to the bathroom was an average looking one. Basic old style handles of gold the rest the doors had. When I opened it, the door creaked a little. Showing how old this room must really be. The bathroom was a beauty! Soft linen towels, a granite bath tube. I thought this was some sort of day spa. Running the water, on my hands making sure it was warm, but not to yet felt so refreshing. It was nice to know I could relax, even for a little while. I stepped into the warm tube. The water was relaxing my tense muscles. I just lied there for what seemed hours. Running the water through my shoulder length hair, I just felt all my worries and pain go away. I must of feel asleep in the tube because I saw note on the side of the tub.

“ Lunar, your clothes are laid out for on the bed. Meet me at the town center when you are ready. I feel there are things we must discuss…”
“P.S. You really know how to take of yourself…. Wink

Uh… wait what!? She came in here? While I was resting in the tub? Wait there’s more.

“P.P.S Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything.”

Uhhhh, man this feels so wrong. I grabbed the nearest towel and dried myself off. Wrapping the towel around my waist. On the bed neatly laid out were some nice black jeans, and a simple sleeveless undershirt were stacked on top of a red button up shirt. There was also a sleek black jacket to the left. Whoever is Tenshi’s brother has a pretty nice sense of style. Well, time to head out….

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Fate is on my side Continued (Lunar)  Empty Re: Fate is on my side Continued (Lunar)

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Another suckish story. I mean interms, of still trying to find the right words to give visuals.... Also when changing scenes. I WILL GET BETTER FOR THE READER(S)... I promise.... So please don't pelt me with tomatoes...
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