Fate is on my Side(Lunar)

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Fate is on my Side(Lunar) Empty Fate is on my Side(Lunar)

Post  Lunar Star on Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:53 am

I am nothing but a whisper, forgotten in the winds. I’m Just a simple leaf blowing through the breeze. As I fall to the ground. I await a fate that even I can’t fathom. I opened my eyes and noticed I was out of the abyss. I didn’t know where I was, but lush green trees could be seen miles about. It was a magnificent view. I then crashed hard to the ground. My body still felt immobile. *cough* *cough* Dust filled my lungs from the crash. Something felt weird; it was as if something was coming my way. It was coming fast to. What could it be? I wonder…

????: Hey! Get up now!

… Who does this person thi- Oh, oh my… I struggled to my feet. I know, I know, early I said I couldn’t. If you saw her, you would of done the same.

Me: Ahaha I was uh, just enjoying the scenery.

????: Watch out!

Me: Huh?

She then shot an arrow towards me. I dodged rolled to the side. Before I could shut at her, roar echoed behind me. I jumped to a tree nearby. A Giant was behind me. It pulled the arrow out of its right eye. I charged at it. I was swatted down, and crashed into the trunk of a tree.

????: Noo!!

She shot a burst of three arrows, and they pierced his body. The giant didn’t even feel it. He just pulled out the arrows and began rushing the girl. I felt a sudden impulse to get up and save her. The weapon the mysterious stranger bestowed upon me appeared within my hand. I took t and sent a wave of light that decimated the giant. A huge cut slash mark was on his chest. The weapon then went away.

????: Uh wow, how did you

Me: Don’t ask, I still don’t even know what is going on…

????: O.. I’m sorry.

Me: No need to be… Say, what is your name?

????: Me, oh well I’m known as Tenshi Vaylen Amaran

Me: What a pretty name Ms. Amaran.

Tenshi: Please just got call me Tenshi *giggle* Hey, it is getting dark, follow me. I’ll take to my village.

Me: Ahaha scared of the dark?

Tenshi: You wanna see the monsters, when their primal instincts go wild?

Me: You have a point…. I’ll go with you.
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