Receiving the gift(Lunar)

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Receiving the gift(Lunar) Empty Receiving the gift(Lunar)

Post  Lunar Star on Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:51 am

“Am I dead? Where am I? This place…What is it?” It seemed I recovered in a different world. I think it was the Abyss. From the darkish purple colors, that would be my best guess. Yet, this can’t be real. If I was here in the Abyss, where is a maiden to guide to me to a village? There are no people. My head began hurting pondering all these different reasons why this can’t be real. I fell to my knees grasping my head. The ground started shaking; flashes of light that resembled lightening appeared. A giant flash appeared before me. The energy from it pushed me back. Wiping dust out my eyes, a man with a black hood greeted me. In a raspy darkened voice he/she began to speak.

????: Destiny is calling. She awaits you to meet her sister fate. I have different plans, and vow to change what awaits you. I cannot allow “It” to awaken the gods…. So here take this.

Me: Huh? “It”? Are you kidding me? Enough with the riddles! I am sick of all the mysteries! Talk now!

????: You haven’t changed a bit…. Ahahaha, You’ll find out in due time.
Fed up with all the confusion I rushed the stranger. He/she side stepped me. Every time, I tried to get a hand on him he/she would turn to the side. Each time shouting a taunt, from “Too slow” or a “Gotta keep it up”. Hearing these taunts made me angrier each time I heard that voice.

????: Ahaha sorry, play time is over.

The mysterious person stayed still. I rushed him, only to be sent back by a magic blast. After words his weapon summoned a staff like weapon from his/s-

????: I’m a he… It really gets annoying hearing you questioning what I am. So there you go.

… So anyways, the staff like weapon floated in “HIS” hand. It was red with a dragon wrapping its self around the body of the staff.

????: Have fun…

Another light flashed, and made me blank out. I hope this isn’t going to become a habit…..
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